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Your Cuban Salsa Holiday

At Key2Cuba, we focus on offering the most unique and authentic experience for our clients. So many of our clients are repeat customers, on their sixth or seventh trip with us, so it is a priority to keep the holidays fresh and different.  Our new programme includes off the track new dance venues with live music, stunning new locations for private Rumba parties and Bembes, new male and female teachers working alongside our established team, like Alejandro from Havana Rumba.   


We have recently introduced super advanced Afro–Cuban classes with Vladimir, Cuba’s most famous Rumbero, plus International star Osvady leads a fabulous Afro-Cuban/ Salsa warm up to get you into your body!  A leading star from the Lady Salsa show, he will be returning from Switzerland to join the team when possible.


Each trip has its own unique focus making the most of the new Salsa clubs, the top bands, events, festivals, plus the wild matinee,Largas (the extended Salsa matinees with two or three groups). The itinerary is also planned with the weather conditions in mind. We have a very experienced production manager who is also manager for Bamboleo, and we have great relationships with all the major clubs, so smooth access to the VIP table in every club is pretty much assured. Queuing for a club just doesn’t happen with Key2Cuba.


We pride ourselves on being at the latest ‘happening‘ places, with Cuba’s most famous bands such as Los Van Van, Havana d'Primera, Bamboleo, Gente de Zona, where all the action is, and we always have plan A, B C or D ready to go into action should the venue be closed at the last minute.


Without doubt, the most exciting place on the planet for Salsa. Our fabulous holidays offer a paradise of glamour and indulgence and a party like no other! This trip is guaranteed to inspire with Cuba’s top professional dance company,‘Raices Profundas’, on hand to help you become the Salsero you have always dreamed of becoming.  Imagine…hot balmy weather, exclusive invitations from Cuba’s biggest artists, non-stop action and glorious sights.


Why not join us for the holiday of a lifetime!

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