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Cultural Programme Extras

In addition to 15 hours of salsa lessons and hours on the dance floor perfecting your moves, our unique Key2Cuba programme will bring you closer to the heart of the Cuban culture and people.  Key2Cuba operates an Optional Extras programme and this is a taster of what may be available on your trip.  Please note these are subject to seasonal changes and conditions in Cuba.  Prior to the holiday, we will issue you the Optional Extras package price list in order for you to have an idea of spending money required.

Best Clubs, Best Bands, Hit the Jackpot!

The salsa matinees are not to be missed. Our Programme Manager finds out who is playing where, reserves the best table in the club and the Cuban dancers come with us in the afternoon to shake our booties to the best live band in town. 

The matinees are packed full of Cubans with few tourists.   We have often had clients on stage with the band. We make sure you see the top bands that are in town at the time such as Los Van Van, Pupy, Charanga Habanera, Haila, Azucar Negra, Maykel Blanco and the Bueno Vista Social Club. Key2Cuba clients often get to meet the artists in person, go back stage or hang out in the VIP area

Private Rumba Party


Cuba’s most respected, celebrated and internationally famous Rumba band play for us and perform all the different types of Rumba and Cuban dance at an amazing colonial house in Old Havana. Practice your latest rumba moves to the thrilling drums and dance with their principle dancers.  It is a rum fuelled baptism of the rumba. Make sure you are not "vacuna'd"! 

Beach Party

At a beautiful secluded beach location, down the coast from Havana, with white sand, palm trees and turquoise sea, we chill out with our team of dancers and take a break. We relax on sun loungers, swim, enjoy a packed lunch, share drinks and catch the sun rays.


In the afternoon, the famous Mocho and his salsa band arrive to play live, just for us.  Accompanied by our Cuban dancers who really know how to party, we enjoy the wildest party on the beach, dance Rueda in the sea and make a wish as the spectacular sun sets on the ocean.


We travel back to Havana together with the dancers, singing all the way, covered in sand and rum!  On our New Year trip, we always aim to have the beach party on the 1st day of the New Year, to bring in good luck and fortune from the Gods of the Sea, Yemaya and Olokun. 



Tour of Havana


We offer a free guided tour of Old Havana with our charismatic production manager, where Havana's juicy history is revealed and lots of amazing museums, arts and craft shops and the market are visited. 

Meet the Cuban Gods at our Bembe

Visit the home of one of our dancers and experience a real Cuban Bembe. A party dedicated to celebrating the dance and music of the Orishas (Cuban Gods). Discover more about the African heritage and the meanings of dances. Who is Changó?  What are the qualities of the Goddess of the sea, Yemaya and the goddess of love, Oshun.  Understand more about the Santeria religion as you experience first hand a ceremony and Bembe!  Visit an authentic temple, dance to a live percussion band and join in with the dancers as they lose themselves in the dances of the Orishas. This full on Cuban experience will bring you closer to the origins and heart of the Salsa rhythms. 

Home cooked food, and a salsa party to finish where all the neighbours join us for food and dancing.

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