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Havana d'Primera - Al final de la Vida - Video Oficial [2012]

Havana d'Primera - Al final de la Vida - Video Oficial [2012]

2012 Cuba Lucas Award Winners - Best Dance Video - Best Choreography Thank you to everyone who voted for us! Fuimos Ganado los premios Lucas Cubano del 2012 en las categorías: Mejor video de Baile Mejor corografía Muchas gracias a todo. ----------------------------------------------- The latest Key2Cuba video stars the new Louis Armstrong of Cuban Timba - Alexander Abreu & Havana de Primera, dance guru Maykel Fonts, Osvady, the Key2Cuba dancers and Ebony. This video is dedicated to, and in memory of the writer, Simon Gavron and directed by Kerry Ribchester. The video tells the story of two Cuban boys who grow up in the same barrio fighting and enacting an'Eye for and eye, tooth for a tooth ' mentality with each other until Alexander Abreu shares with them his philosophy. Alexander wrote the song to inspire Cuban people in difficult times, not to respond with an 'eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth', but to rise above injustice with elegance. The exquisite choreography by Fonts blends the dances of the Cuban Gods - the Orishas, with Rumba, Son, Salsa and hip-hop to create a modern day Cuban Salsa fusion. See hints of Usher, Michael Jackson meets West Side story in Havana. It's for the boys with the street fighting, but really it's for the girls with all the bare chests and pulsating muscles! The last video directed by Ribchester -- Me Mantengo - with Los Van Van, is nominated to win the Lukas award in London. She is the director of top Salsa holiday company Key2Cuba and is passionate about teaching Cuban dance from the core and embodying all the flavours of the Cuban dances into your Salsa. If you would like train with her and the dancers in the video, enjoy a holiday of a lifetime, and be a part of the magic, see her on Facebook Kerry Ribchester, or the group Key2Cuba Ltd or call/ text 00 44 (0) 7767 313 168. See the website The video is copyright to Key2Cuba Ltd. All rights reserved. Filmed on location in Havana, Cuba. Completed Jan 2012.
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