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Mano de Orula Ceremony

This is an ideal opportunity to find out if you would like to take the Mano de Orula ceremony with a priest of your choice and what is involved.  It is not something we recommend you enter into lightly without prior research.  Key2Cuba offers the dance course and meetings with the priests.  We also offer the opportunity for you to know more about the history of the dances.  taking the Mano de Orula ceremony would be a decision and commitment you take independent of the Key2Cuba holiday.

Awo Fakan for men and Ikofa Fun for women is a 3-day ceremony performed by 3 Babalawos.  It should be the first ceremony anyone receives in the Santaria religion.  At the end of this you can wear the green and yellow bracelet that signifies you know who your Orisha is and have taken the ceremony.  The only way to really know your true Orisha and sign is to take the ceremony.  It is not for the faint hearted.

Day 1

You work with your newly birthed Esu, Ogun, Oshossi, Osun and Orunmila.  You will be required to drink some Omiero and take some home with you to bathe in.  (You will drink the Omiero and bathe in another bath of Omiero over the course of the 3 days.

Day 2

This is a day of rest.  Your Orishas are resting

Day 3

Ita (Life Reading.  This is where you find out which Odu If or sign you live under the influence of, who your Guardian Orisha is and what other initiations, if you, will need as well as a road map to live your life by going forward.

Costs range between 450 CUC to 1,000 CUC in Havana and US $900 - $2,000.

You pay the Babalawo of your choice direct and although we can introduce you to different priests, the decision and responsibility to take the ceremony is completely yours.

For more information see here.  This ceremony is not part of the Key2Cuba programme.  We advise thorough investigation and researchto check if it is going to benefit you.  It is not to be taken lightly.

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