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The Key2Cuba Programme

Cuba, Havana, Dancers

As always at Key2Cuba, we focus on offering the best possible experience for our clients. Our refreshed programme includes fabulous colonial hotels, stunning new locations and direct flights with Virgin Atlantic unless otherwise stated. Each trip has its own unique focus, making the most of the weather conditions and cultural life in Cuba, and our specialist programme managers source the latest ‘happening‘ places. Most importantly you will have the excitement and privilege of learning and dancing with Cuba’s leading Afro-Cuban dance Company: Raices Profundas. The dancers and teachers are friendly, supportive and highly experienced in teaching at all levels. Kerry Ribchester will be leading the UK teachers.  



The Key2Cuba Salsa Dance Programme
  • Transform your level and enjoyment of Salsa beyond your imagination

  • 15 hours of classes (11 nights )

  • 50-70 hours (optional) accompanied on the dance floor

  • Salsa, Son, Rueda de Casino, Rumba, Orishas, Reggaeton, Body movement, Dance Technique


The Programme is designed to:


  • Transform your level and enjoyment of Salsa beyond your imagination

  • Teach you at the relevant level for your ability (5 levels)

  • Increase your confidence in style, moves, technique and musical interpretation

  • Enrich your Cuban body-movement and charisma. Each class begins with an in depth look into the technique of how the other Cuban dance forms can enrich your Salsa.

  • Enhance your technical ability.  We have a structured course: each day builds and develops your skills naturally, with ease and confidence.

  • Enable you to dance in partners and in a group. Each day you have one hour of Rueda de Casino and one hour of partner work.

  • Satisfy all levels of Salsa. The advanced and Professional courses are more focused on the Orishas, body movement, charisma, musical interpretation and performance technique.

  • Beginners have 1-2-1 attention, encouragment and lots of practice

  • Gives you a great environment to learn. The dance space has air conditioning and is a private, concentrated space without interruptions.

  • Effective and appropriate warm ups. Each class starts with a warm up specific to that day’s theme. Isolation exercises are built on daily to develop greater fluidity and tone.

  • Take care of your body. Each class finishes with a warm down and stretch to keep you flexible.

  • Fast track your Cuban style. Kerry brings insights from Hellerwork to enhance your posture, core body movement, quality of awareness in partner work and how to embody the Cuban Walk and attitude.

  • To learn kinaesthetically. We have equal male and female ratios and continuing changing of partners so that you can learn kinaesthetically from dancing with high quality Cuban dancers; therefore increasing your confidence and experience in dancing with many partners.

  • Inspire you with the latest Cuban music on the scene. We have our own DJ in class.

  • Excellent teaching. The dance programme is led by Juan De Dios, the most celebrated dance legend in Cuba and Kerry Ribchester (3 x voted top U.K. Salsa teacher.) Each level is led by a celebrity Cuban teachers including Ildolidia Ramos, Vladimir, Papito Chango, Oswaldy, Orlando Gonzalez, Alejandro and Syria. Each teacher has a team of professional assistants in their groups. As the Key2Cuba team has worked together for many years,  they are like a family and experienced working together.

  • The animation team in the evening consist of our Cuban dance teachers from the classes and exceptional professional Cuban dancers who are great at getting everyone on the dance floor, for example, we have Cuba’s leading Reggaeton star Denis,  joining us regularly.

  • The possibility to see how the Key2Cuba dance videos are made or feature in them.

  • The possibility to perform on stage in Havana alongside one of Cuba’s top bands with our dancers

  • The possibility to enter the advanced teacher training, leading to certification with Escenarte.

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